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iLabthon: A Marathon To Create Innovation Laboratories

Hundreds of organizations want to create innovation laboratories but do not know how to do it. ILabthon is an event created in Brazil to foster this creation with the support of the best specialists in the public sector.
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Alberta Innovates Presents The Alberta Beyond Series

Alberta Beyond is a multimedia content series that explores Alberta’s innovation ecosystem, its history, and the people, places and spaces that will define its next century. This year, 2021, marks the centennial of Alberta’s modern innovation landscape...
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16 Tips for Managing Remote Workers

As companies adjust to the new normal of remote teams, increasing employee engagement and productivity while still attaining work-life balance is the key priority.
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Solutions intelligentes pour approvisionnement alimentaire durable

Le projet SMARTCHAIN, financé par l’Union européenne, a passé les 3 dernières années à analyser 18 chaînes d’approvisionnement alimentaire courtes (SFSC) dans 9 pays afin de comprendre les facteurs...
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6 Ways To Become A More Creative Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and creativity go hand in hand. Unfortunately, creativity can easily be overshadowed and stifled by business processes, leaving it simmering on the back burner rather than being a driving force.
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