Printed Robots With Bones

Printed Robots With Bones

3D printing is advancing rapidly, and the range of materials that can be used has expanded considerably. For the first time, researchers have succeeded in printing a robotic hand with bones, ligaments and tendons made of different polymers using a new laser scanning technique.

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Vers des arbres plus « verts »?

Des chercheurs de l’université d’état de Caroline du Nord ont utilisé l’outil d’édition de gènes CRISPR pour cultiver des peupliers présentant des niveaux réduits de lignine tout en améliorant les propriétés de leur bois.
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Use 3D Scanning Technology To Accelerate Innovation

For teams intimately tied to a manufacturer’s product lifecycle management, 3D portable handheld scanners can be used throughout the entire product development process in order to boost efficiency...
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4D Printing of Shapeshifting Devices

Researchers at the Wyss Institute have mimicked a variety of dynamic shape changes like those performed by tendrils, leaves, and flowers in response to changes in humidity or temperature with innovative 4D-printed hydrogel composites.
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