The Future of Office & Lab Space

The Future of Office & Lab Space

As even more life sciences companies aim for increased transparency for the sake of engagement, employee talent retention, and breakthrough innovation, the boundary between workplace and laboratory continues to blur. Innovation thrives in a synergistic environment, and design can facilitate it. One way to create this synergy is with vertical campuses in urban centers.

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Remote Work Is Making Innovation Harder

A peer-reviewed study of Microsoft's 61,100-plus US workforce concluded that the organization-wide switch to remote working in 2020 damaged communication and collaboration. Microsoft's principal takeaway is that, regardless of how you mix remote and in-office work, the resulting change...
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Guide « Le transfert d’entreprise », Mai 2023

La Chaire IG Gestion de patrimoine en planification financière de l’Université Laval annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de son Guide de référence sur le transfert d’entreprise afin de contribuer à la pérennité des entreprises du Québec.
Document de référence | MPA
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The Innovation Barometer: Measuring innovation in Finland

The Innovation Barometer is the world’s first official statistics on public sector innovation, now implemented in 5countries, providing innovators and decision makers with systematic knowledge of what thousands of innovators actually do.