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Tech Trends That Will Dominate Industry In 2022

The tech experts of Forbes Technology Council have their own predictions about the technologies and trends they believe will dominate in the year ahead.
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AI Trends That Matter For Business

According to 2020’s McKinsey Global Survey on artificial intelligence (AI), in 2020, more than 50% of companies have adopted AI in at least one business unit or function. AI adoption level differs depending on the industry but we can highlight 4 leading sectors: high-tech, telecom, automotive, assembly.
IA | Tendances
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Vertical Farming On The Rise

Vertical farming, the notion and practice of rowing crops in stacked, upright layers in buildings, old mines or even shipping containers through the use of specialized LED lighting...
Développement durable | Tendances
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2021 Remote Work Trends

Working remotely offers many benefits, and many trends have emerged in its wake, signaling its popularity. 97% of employees state that they do not want to return to the office.
Télétravail | Tendances
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Le monde des opportunités est devenu illimité

Le monde du travail a considérablement changé au cours des dernières années, la génération Y et la génération Z menant cette transformation.
Gestion des générations | Tendances
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Livestreaming Commerce Is Coming To America

Livestreaming Commerce (or Livestream shopping) incorporates live video content, two-way communication, and the ability for viewers to seamlessly buy or save featured products directly from the platform.
Commercialisation | E-commerce | Tendances
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15 B2B Technology Marketing Trends

With new technologies and ways of leveraging always emerginging, professionals may not be sure where to focus their energies. To help, 15 members of Forbes Communication Council share the top B2B...
Marketing | Outil numérique | Tendances
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Top 10 Legal Technology Trends In 2021

Legal technology has been evolving for many years, but the past 12 months have seen exponential growth in adoption. While some lawyers and firms were innovative pre-COVID...
Légal | Tendances
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2021 Digital Sourcing Trend Radar

KPMG has released in March 2021 its annual view on the top technology sourcing trends, identifying digital developments that are touted to disrupt the sourcing landscape.
Transformation numérique | Tendances